Generating the Future, Responsibly.

To ensure there will be enough energy in the future when you need it, Exelon Generation is seeking to expand its existing power generating facility on Summer Street in Medway.

The expansion will add two units of highly efficient, fast starting peak electric generating capacity to the three-unit facility on Summer Street which has been safely operating since 1970. The expansion will be built on the plant’s existing 65-acre site, and will feature clean air technologies, minimal water use and has been designed to protect public health. Due to topography and wooded buffer areas around the plant property, the expansion will not be visible to most neighbors.

We are a long-term member of the Medway business community and the second largest commercial taxpayer in town, and will be the largest after completion of the expansion. We plan to stay and grow our community presence.

We look forward to working with you to design an expansion project that will be a good fit with the unique Medway community.


Medway Peaker Project Issued Draft Air Quality Permit

In an important permitting milestone, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has issued a Draft Air Quality Permit that finds the Medway Peaker Project is in compliance with their air quality permitting standards.