This page,, is where you will find the most up-to-date information about the construction of the Medway Peaker Project, so please check back frequently.

September 21st Construction Update — construction of the Medway Peaker Project began on August 15th. Construction activities have included:

• Silt fences and straw bales have been installed around jurisdictional areas
• Crushed stone has been placed at the construction entrance to decrease off-site sediment tracking
• 6-foot wire-mesh fencing and privacy screening was installed around the perimeter of the work site
• 24/7 security details are in place
• Sediment basins have been installed
• Catch basins in Summer Street around the site entrance are protected with silt sacks
• Various material and soil stockpiles have been created throughout the site and are actively stabilized via seeding where necessary
• The Contractor Parking Area off West St. has been created
• Installation of temporary utilities (power, water) to the construction trailers is in progress
• Concrete washout station has been installed and maintained appropriately
• Wetland replication has been completed and stabilized
• Site has been completely cleared, grubbed and stumped, and leveled


Pictures of project construction: Aerial view of site looking northeast, construction entrance and parking has been created in the southern portion of the property along West Street; excavation and removal of large boulders was observed in the western portion of the site.

Thank You for Attending Our Construction Open House

On August 1st we held a Project Construction Open House at the Thayer Homestead. Thank you to the Medway residents who attended our event.

Medway Cable came to our Open House and produced this segment about it.

Here are pictures from the event:

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