Medway: Hearing Next Month on Exelon Expansion

The state Energy Facilities Siting Board holds a public hearing next month to review a petition from Exelon for expanding its electric power plant. The proposal represents a 10-acre expansion of the company’s existing 94-acre site.

The board announced Thursday that it had received an application from Exelon seeking approval for a power plant “capable of generating 200 megawatts of electricity.”

The company has also filed a petition with the state Department of Public Utilities to seek “certain zoning exemptions from the town of Medway Zoning Bylaw” for the proposed expansion. The current expansion plan is considerably smaller than the one proposed about six months ago.

Exelon will also have to file with the Conservation Commission and Planning Board, said Exelon spokesman Kevin Thornton.

“There are a lot of permit filings and regulatory requirements we have to go through,” he said.

The proposed expansion does not include purchasing additional property, but Thornton said operations will creep closer to about six or seven neighbors who are “right up against the property line.”

“We’ve been making a real effort to get out and talk to residents,” Thornton said.

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