Medway: Spokesman Says Expansion Will Make Exelon Biggest Taxpayer in Town

…The station is known as a peaking plant, which generates power mainly during the hot summer months and the very cold winter months.

But due to several large power plants scheduled to retire, including the massive 1,500-megawatt, coal-fired Brayton Point plant in Somerset and renewable energy sources coming online, there is now a need for backup power sources during peak use.

“There have been plenty of assets retired recently in New England,” Sanford said during a tour on Friday. “We’ve got to do something to fill the gap.”

In order to do so, Exelon is proposing two new state-of-the-art, highly efficient generating units capable of producing 195 megawatts of energy to power 200,000 homes. The units will be dual fueled, meaning they can run on natural gas or ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

The permits sought will allow each of the new units to operate a maximum of 60 percent of the available hours in a year – 5,256 hours, including a maximum of 1,440 hours while running on oil.

The units, Sanford said, are fast-starting, meaning they can be “off the grid – cold, and within 10 minutes, can have full power.”

“That’s an incredible benefit,” Sanford said. “The technology we’re proposing is the most efficient simple-cycle technology on the market.”

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