Medway: Exelon Reduces Proposed Oil Use

The company that is proposing a 200-megawatt addition to its existing Summer Street power plant has cut in half the amount of time it is seeking to run on fuel oil.

Exelon, in filings with the state Energy Facilities Siting Board – the permitting authority – originally proposed to run the plant primarily on natural gas and on fuel oil as a backup, with the latter fuel choice being burned up to 60 days – or 1,440 hours each year.

The company is proposing to run the new, highly efficient, simple-cycle turbines on fuel oil just 30 days – or 720 hours – at a maximum.

Spokesman Kevin Thornton said the reduction is largely due to the concerns from the town and its residents.

“We’re trying to do the best we can to ensure that we’re having the least impact,” he said. “Where we can make those changes, we are.”

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