A Hot Day Serves an Important Reminder

Do you remember August 11th? The afternoon began with the Town of Medway posting a Heat Advisory from the National Weather Service predicting a heat index of 100°. And as the thermostat climbed, so too did the use of air conditioning, causing electric demand to rise rapidly.

The increased need for energy strained the electric grid and underscored the need for the reliability that the Medway Peaker Project will help provide.

Behind the Scenes: Energy Distribution

Electric use is monitored closely by our region’s electric grid manager, ISO-NE. To help keep the lights on even when interruptions to power sources occur, ISO-NE maintains a Reserve Capacity of power.

On August 11, ISO-NE reported some power plants unexpectedly shut down while electric demand was higher than predicted, causing their Reserve Capacity to fall. This drop in Reserve Capacity took place even though additional peaker plants were running.

To maintain electric reliability as Reserve Capacity fell, ISO-NE issued power caution alerts instructing power plants to avoid activities that could interrupt their supply of power, and calling upon some electric users to reduce their demand.

Medway – Helping to Keep the Lights On

This is an example of a high-demand day when our expanded Medway Peaker Project would provide clean, efficient, needed energy.

More energy from the Medway Peaker Project means a more reliable electric grid and reduced need to run older, less-efficient, and more-polluting power plants.