Status Update on the Medway Peaker Expansion

Our project team continues to work with state and local authorities to ensure our proposed peaker expansion meets all regulatory requirements. Over the last several months, area residents and officials have provided important input on our proposals, enabling us to further improve our plans for the proposed facility. We want to share with you our progress since our last update.

Medway Planning and Economic Development Board

In March, the Medway Planning and Economic Development Board Design Review Committee began a series of public meetings on Exelon’s project site plan. We appreciate the time and effort of officials and residents who carefully reviewed and provided comments on the multiple facets of the site plan.

During the process, we worked with the Committee and we carefully considered comments from local residents on topics including traffic management, noise, lighting, fencing, landscaping and security. As a result, the final plan includes additional trees, taller landscaping plants and earth-tone paint, all of which will improve the appearance of the site.

The final site plan was approved on July 26 by the Medway Planning and Economic Development Board. You can view the approval posted on the Town of Medway’s website here. Updates to our site plan will soon be included in our electronic file room.

What’s Next?

Exelon anticipates a decision on our petition to construct the project from the Massachusetts Energy Facility Siting Board (EFSB) soon.

As outlined in Host Community Agreement (HCA), Exelon will work with the Town of Medway to develop more detailed construction management and traffic plans prior to commencing construction work. Exelon will also continue supporting Town of Medway initiatives related to the project and energy conservation awareness under the HCA. Since the HCA became effective in October 2015, Exelon has paid $278,000 to the Town of Medway in support of technical reviews and emergency preparedness.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments at