Delivering on Commitments

In September the Town of Medway Fire Department received a new dry chemical truck that augments its emergency response resources and better enables Medway firefighters to fight a broad range of fires. The funds used to purchase this emergency response vehicle were provided to Medway from Exelon Generation as part of the agreement we reached on the Medway Peaker Expansion Project.

“I’m very happy (Exelon) came forth with it. It’s certainly a piece of equipment we needed,” Fire Chief Jeff Lynch told the Milford Daily News.

“We are pleased that the Medway Peaker Expansion Project is delivering community benefits even before construction has begun,” says Mark Rodgers, Exelon Generation Communications Manager for the northeast region.

The new vehicle has been fitted with much of the equipment previously carried by the rescue truck it has replaced.

You can read more details about the new Medway fire truck on the Town of Medway’s website and in the Milford Daily News.