Medway Peaker Project Issued Draft Air Quality Permit

mpp-post-draft-air-quality-permit-103116-300x93-01In an important permitting milestone, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has issued a Draft Air Quality Permit that finds the Medway Peaker Project is in compliance with their air quality permitting standards.

Here are some important findings by the MassDEP who have been conducting a thorough review of the Medway Peaker Project for over a year:

  • “MassDEP has determined that there will be benefits from the Project including increased electric grid reliability, support for intermittent renewable sources, and reduction of GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions.” (p.14)
  • “The Project impacts for all pollutants and operational scenarios are below the NAAQS [The National Ambient Air Quality Standards], which are protective of the health of sensitive populations such as asthmatics, children and the elderly.” (p.42)
  • “Impacts to ambient air and to neighborhood noise are, with adequate mitigation, within the standards and guidelines designed to protect public health and welfare. Accordingly, Exelon has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the MassDEP that the benefits of the Project significantly outweigh any environmental and social costs.” (p.14)

Now that MassDEP has issued its draft permits, it has opened a public comment period that will continue until November 22. MassDEP has scheduled a public hearing at the Medway Middle School Auditorium on November 15 at 7:00 pm.

The MassDEP link to its draft permit decisions and more information about the open comment period can be found here.