Medway Peaker Project construction team provides update to Medway Selectmen

“We thought it a good time to have Pete Callahan of Exelon come in,” Medway Town Administrator Michael Boynton explained to the Medway Board of Selectmen at their May 7th meeting. Boynton referenced the Host Community Agreement that calls for Exelon to make periodic updates to the Board of Selectmen about project construction and his invitation to Pete Callahan, construction director.

Boynton added, “Pete and his team have been extremely responsive, any time we have an issue he is on it immediately, I don’t have one complaint about the way the project has gone, it has gone as expected or even better than expected in terms of impacts.”

Boynton also told the Selectmen his office has received few complaints or concerns from residents since construction began.

Selectman Glenn Trindade asked Pete about plant tours with school groups, “It’s an incredible piece of technology, if there is some way to give schools an opportunity to tour it, tied in with STEM?”

Pete replied that Exelon Generation is working with the STEM program in Medway schools and has sponsored their annual STEM Saturday event for the past two years. Pete said that once commercial operations commence it will be easier to schedule tours, like with school groups. Pete added that he did arrange a construction tour for the kids at the daycare next door.

Pete introduced his team, and displayed a series of poster boards to the Selectmen on the progress of the construction project. The first board displayed what the site looked like before construction began, last August.

The second board provided an aerial view of what the construction site looks like now.

The third board presents a visual simulation of what the project will look like after it is constructed, as seen from West Street.

Prior to the presentation, Selectman John Foresto thanked Exelon Generation for participating in Medway’s recent Clean Sweep, in which volunteers cleaned roadsides across Medway.

Seventeen volunteers from Exelon Generation spent three hours cleaning both sides of four miles of roadways that surround the company’s 65-acre site in West Medway, collecting 40 bags of trash, on April 30th.