The expansion of the West Medway plant will help ensure clean, reliable energy and affordable electric rates in New England for the future.

Medway Facility

Exelon Generation, a division of Exelon Corp., purchased the existing West Medway facility from Boston Edison in 2002. The three units currently on-site are fueled by oil and were originally installed by Boston Edison following the 1965 East Coast blackout.

Peaker units, like the ones at Medway facility, are used as needed during “peak demand periods” to ensure there is enough energy for all consumers in the region. For example, the units are most often used on the coldest days in the winter or the hottest days in the summer when consumer’s energy needs are typically at the highest levels.

The units can be started without any outside power and provide up to 117 MW of electricity to the local electric grid when it’s needed most.

Strengthening New England’s Energy Reliability

In 2014 Exelon Generation, owners of the Medway facility recognized the urgent need for additional power and the opportunity to help solve the lack of power flow to the local electric grid during “peak demand periods” after a trend of harsh winters and very warm summers.

Adding additional peaker units at the Medway facility will lead to more efficient, reliable and environmentally clean energy. The updated, state-of-the-art peaker units will be located adjacent to the existing three units, and will include technologies to reduce noise, minimize water usage, lower emissions and protect public health. We have reached out to local residents, neighboring properties and town leaders to inform them of the potential project, gain feedback and in turn develop the best plan to address the needs and interests of the community as well as the energy demands facing New England. This outreach will continue as the permitting process moves ahead.

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