View infographics showing the minimal visual and aural impacts the expansion will have.

View photographic samples of what the stacks would look like from different locations in town.

View aerial and topographic line-of-sight illustrations of what the stacks would look like from different locations in town.

Environment and Water

  • Highly efficient new units use advanced pollution control equipment.
  • Among the lowest emissions of any U.S peaker plant.
  • Expansion helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New England.
  • Water required only for emission controls, and supplied by on-site well in combination with municipal purchases from outside of Medway.


  • Exelon currently owns 94 acres for the site with 54 acres leased to Eversource in easements for transmission and switchyards. The expansion will be built on 13 of the remaining 40 acres on the existing site.
  • Most visible features will be the addition of two 160-foot emission stacks and a 50-foot sound barrier wall to minimize noise.
  • New stacks no taller than existing NSTAR electric transmission towers currently adjacent to Medway plant.
  • Noise wall and stacks not visible to most neighbors due to topography and wooded buffer areas.


  • With addition of two units, noise levels at nearby residences will increase by only 7-10 decibels.
  • Minimal noise increase – from sound of a library to a quiet living room.
  • Noise abatement wall planned.
  • Community input sought on look and feel of wall including planting of vegetation, trees and shrubs.

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